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Writing support group

I have been corresponding with another gter and we thought about having some kind of mutual support group around helping us get some of our writing done, including those of us who are students and those who are trying to write professionally (or both!). I have two very hard deadlines this summer and have found that it’s helpful to be talking about writing with other people. In my regular life, I organized a group of people and we get together to write our dissertation two or three times a week a week and it’s been really helpful. I think we can do this.

So, I will say that there would be two components. We could do a weekly post where people have stated goals and talk about their progress. No guilt tripping, just help with trying to be accountable. The second part is that we thought about having a private gmail chat/email chain. We could use a hangout. Some of what I have to do (and probably you) is pretty doxxy and so it’d be helpful to talk about it in a less public place. My email is snacktasticandcheese@gmail.com and we can plan it there. Please let me know if you are interested.


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