So previously I've referenced the unfinished and unpublished literary masterwork that is Sex-Kittens of Alpha Centauri: A Jade McQueen Adventure and, while it remains unfinished and unpublished, I've decided that my long planned follow up is something I'm ready to tackle. Shifting the focus from campy space piracy to hard boiled espionage, The Prague Gambit: A _____ _____ Novel, is sure to be just as brilliant, just as unfinished and remain just as unpublished.

But I'm turning to you, GTers, to help me pin down the name of the main character. Here are my requirements:

1) Both his first and last names need to function commonly as first names.

2) Neither of his names can have more than two syllables(although his first name could be a nickname, "Bill" for William or somesuch)

3) His first name, at least, should have sort of a 1950's feel to it.

So...hit me with suggestions. The best one wins the honor of being stolen by me and not receiving any formal credit whatsoever.