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Writing tools?

I’ve been thinking about writing stuff, mostly my thoughts on I don’t know, life and stuff. The human condition, or rather, mostly my human condition and trying to understand that. Mostly this is just to get my thoughts down and organized so I can process them and better explain to others where I’m at.

So my question is, when you guys write, where do you write? I’ve started jotting down just a few thoughts that I had that I want to expand on in a TextEdit file. I think I want something a little prettier than TextEdit or MS Word though. But at least while I am working on it, I want to be able to keep it private. I might ultimately show people, or at least a few trusted people, but it depends on what comes out. Mostly likely, I’d want to show people some things I write and not want to show people other things I write. It might be that an offline solution is better and my best bet is to write stuff in plain old documents. But it would be nice to be able to log in from different machines/locations to jot down thoughts and notes. I have a lot going on and don’t work at home so it’s like, it would be cool to be able to access it when I’m not here. (But not if the cost is non-privacy.)


Does anyone have any tips, methods, platforms, programs that have been cool? If it helps I’m thinking kinda like multiple essay-ish length things. Not like novel-length, but I do want to be able to have different topics/different sections/pieces of writing that are separate from each other.

Thanks in advance. I’m kind of new to this and might post more since I know some of you write stuff. This is probably a topic for another post but I always thought I couldn’t be a “writer” because even though I’ve always loved reading and writing, all my best writing was not fictional. And I don’t really want to do like researched non-fictional writing. My best writing has been about my own experiences. But like, you get older/out of school and it’s really hard to think that someone would want to read about me, a random human, or my random human thoughts. (Even though I love reading about other random humans and their random human thoughts. Idk.)

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