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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Writing Topic Advice Needed!

Help! A good friend recently asked me if I'd like to contribute to her forthcoming newsletter/magazine (hopefully to be a quarterly publication of essays, reviews and literature around a different topic area each issue). The premise of the publication is to provide pieces that give perspective on modern-day feminism and inequality. She lives in London and I am in New York, so there is a international aspect to the audience, not just a US focus. My space is probably going to be based around law and governance (since that's where most of my professional experience sits), and I'll likely be contributing to either the essays or the reviews section.

The first issue's topic heading is Money and Value. There are some obvious places to go from there, like equal pay laws, but I'd love your thoughts on topics you might like to see addressed that related to Money and Value (broadly construed) and also related to the legal world or to government/politics. I want to write something that folks are interested in and that is timely.


Help, Groupthink! What should I write about?

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