Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Wrong Number Again...

I often get calls from people who seem to be trying to reach a handful of different people, like at least five calls per month. So it's not unusual to get a late night phone call or text from some rando. When I signed up for my current phone number, the employee I talked to said that it had been "recently relinquished" as if that was something special to add to the sales pitch. Nope, I just wanted a number that was easy to memorize. Well...

Tonight, it's someone asking for drugs, and this is a first for me. So I tell them they have the wrong number and should delete it, but I decide to do a little googling first. HA! This man has a website with his personal cellphone number on it! He appears to be looking for work in writing/graphic design areas, if anyone's interested in someone who texts strangers for Molly.


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