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Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Right Amount of Melanin

The way this is being reported is straight up racist bullshit. The guy is white. So instead of being described as a thug or violent criminal he is being referred to as just a young, dumb, drunk kid. The picture they are using is clearly a senior picture, glamor shot.

You get HALFWAY into the story (link below) before you even find out that the reason for this supposedly untimely, tragic demise—he violently forced his way into the home of an 80 year old woman (after leaving a party super drunk and driving around for a while), ignored her verbal warnings, and instead started to advance towards her as her home security alarm was blaring. She shot him and he died. They are calling it an “uncertain” home invasion, some sort of mistaken tragedy, and have even set up a gofundme for his family.


We all know how this headline and story would have read if he wasn’t white. And of course, the cherry on the shit sundae is all the commenters who are talking about people who point out this double standard as “the real racists, pulling the race card”. Also the people who don’t realize they can be sad about the entire situation and still recognize the double standard. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

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