WSJ: The FCC Is Considering Letting You Use Your Phone On Planes

Following loads upon loads of evidence that the ban on smartphone usage during flights is absolutely ridiculous, the government will finally formally take up the matter. According to the WSJ, the FCC is now formally considering a proposal that would allow you to make phone calls above 10,000 feet.

The new proposal comes just after the FAA approved the use of electronic gadgets on flights below 10,000 feet. Maybe the government is feeling generous. Like that rule, the FCC proposal is long overdue. In fact, as the WSJ points out, in flight cell phone use was taken up a decade ago but later abandoned because flight attendants and other whiners complained about hearing other people talk on the phone. Understandable, but not a good enough reason to ban phones altogether. Hopefully now that people talk less and type and email more, the proposal will actually make its way through.

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