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WTF Am I Eating? And Why Is it So Good?

We were still hungry after a 5 o'clock dinner and decided to make a small pizza my mom brought over months ago when we had the flu.

And I need to tell ya'll about this shit.

Dr. Oetker! WTF? Actually quite good.

My mom's the queen of off brand and so I've always been used to weird brands no one else has ever heard of that I'm pretty sure are close out European items that weren't selling at Lidl and Aldi so had to be shipped to the US.


But this pizza was so good I had to investigate!!

Look at this! It's not ours, but it's pretty fucking close. That's actual mozzarella and pesto! It was crispy and cheesy. I've never seen it (I love a pizza snob who doesn't DO frozen), but need to get this.

What other food secrets have been kept from me?!

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