I'm on a mailing list for parents in my neighborhood, which is great because people often use it to give away or cheaply sell toys and kids' clothes they don't need anymore. Today someone offered this MegaBloks kitchen for a reasonable price and it seems like the kind of thing my son would enjoy (imitating Mom and Dad + blocks + practicing his new utensil skills = awesome). Now, obviously this is marketed to girls; it's pink for crying out loud. That is frustrating for reasons I know I don't need to get into here, but as far as giving it to my son it is a non-issue. So I check out the Amazon reviews, and of course all that mention the gender of the recipient (most of the reviews) have girls (sigh). I was especially perplexed by this review, which seriously makes no sense to me, entitled "For the modern girl:"

My granddaughter uses it to build a counterpoint to her brothers Megablock contraptions. Connection to a kitchen is indicated by the enclosed stickers only. Parent needs to put them right in the initial setup phase.

What? What about this modern? The fact that his granddaughter needs her own, separate, gendered toy in order to build things like her brothers? Is this modern because she is allowed to build stuff? Is this the 1950s? I guess perhaps he means that you can leave the stickers off and pretend it's not a kitchen, but it comes with a frying pan, plate, cup, and cooking utensils, so...? And if you just wanted a set of MegaBloks for building without the kitchen play, you can get other sets with lots more pieces much more cheaply.

Now I definitely want to get this for my son.

ETA: Of course they have a boys' version in primary colors that comes with tools. Of course.