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WTF cat?!

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I'm a little concerned about my cat this morning. He attacked me! WTF? Lil guy had knocked over an acoustic guitar in the corner so I went to pick it up. Trucker (the cat) started hissing and ripping my back apart as I bent over to pick up the guitar. We have a combo living/dining area and this was by the table. Trucker was standing on the chair to get me. He actually knocked the chair over and was still coming after me. So now lil guy is crying and I'm yelling at the cat but managed to scoop up lil guy and get away from Trucker.
From across the room I can see Trucker sniffing around the chair all puffed up. What.The.Fuck.
My arm, back, butt and leg are shredded. Now we have to figure out if maybe he is ill? Or.. And this weird/tmi...a few years ago our dog was bleeding- Trucker smelled the blood, freaked out and attacked the dog. This morning I bent over near him and I have a heavy period at the moment. I wonder if he had the same reaction as with the dog? Or if he's just losing it. He is a bully with our other cat, and did "stalk" my brother in our basement which is his territory since litter boxes, food and climbing area are all down there.
Ugh. Even the dogs were like "F this, we're outta here" and went in the other room instead of going after him.
Le sigh. Hooray, time to book another vet appointment.


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