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So my mother thinks socialists are evil. Thinks they are equivalent to Nazis. Was terrified Bernie would win the primary election and turn this country into Communist Russia. Has a framed photo of Ronald Reagan in her home. Hardcore pro-lower taxes and rah-rah-rah capitalism. Bootstraps and personal responsibility.

This weekend she tells me that if you only put in enough money to social security to cover a certain number of years, and you live past that, you should be cut off from future social security funds if you have private savings as well.

I pointed out this is seen as discriminatory to people who save money for retirement (yes, I know this is not good logic, but my parents believe in shit like reverse racism). And then she was all “well it’s an entitlement, and if you live past what you paid in, you shouldn’t get any more.”


I ask about people who didn’t have the ability to save anything over their lives. Or situations like little old ladies who were stay-at-home moms who rely on the social security contributions their spouses made over the years and then their spouse dies. Should they be cut off?

She replied that she didn’t want anyone to be indigent or impoverished.

So, my mother, who hates everything she associates with socialism, wants social security to be a system where the government will indefinitely fund people without other options but cut off people who have other funds. Even when I pointed out that cutting off social security will be a massive fuck-over in financial choices for people too old to go back into the workforce.

The same woman who thinks Obamacare is socialism forcing middle class Americans to subsidize the poor.

I just changed the subject because I legit had no concept of where to go with this conversation.

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