So Charlotte (I don't know her last name - she is the busty model that did that raunchy Hardee's commercial in the Superbowl that people were all "omg the children!" over) just did a rumba with Keo.

Bruno says to her, "Listen, you are never going to win a Nobel Prize for Physics, but you're easy on the eyes."

The other judges have a wtf face are are trying to shut him up, and Tom Berguron just cuts Bruno off with "Neither will you."

Seriously, there is no reason to assume she isn't intelligent. She's busty and blonde, so of course she must be dumb. And to actually say that bullshit to her, UGH.

In the package before the dance, the theme was how she wasn't paying attention to Keo and kept messing with her phone. Umm, she's a model. I assumed she was doing work stuff on her phone. DWTS, if you win, gets you 10 grand. The intelligent thing for someone still very active in her career is to focus on her work, not this competition.


ETA Suzanne Sommers if fucking killing it! She is awesome!