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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't understand doctors sometimes. I had an appointment yesterday for a follow-up appointment - I'm trying to get my blood pressure under control. It's only a little elevated, but I have a lot of family history of heart problems killing people, so it's worth the effort to get it to a better number. I've been on one med for about 6 months, not having any side effects, but it's not quite getting my bp down to where the doctor & I would like it to be. Doctor decides to add a small dose of a second med - and here's where the WTF DOCTOR comes in...

She prescribed me something that is contraindicated if you have a certain drug allergy - that I have! That she knows I have because they have to confirm it on my chart every single time I come in for a visit. Now, I could understand if she had told me during my visit that she was prescribing this med, and yes, it says don't take it if you have this drug allergy, but there's really a low chance of cross-reactivity and we prescribe it safely all the time. I could have asked my questions and probably would have tried it. But she didn't. And the pharmacist, who could also see that I had this drug allergy, didn't say anything either. I just happen to be one of those people who reads the informational sheets that they give you with your prescriptions, which in this case had in all caps "DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG IF YOU'VE EVER HAD AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO [DRUG]".


So I call the nurse line, who says they'll get the doctor to call me back. When she called me back, she basically said it was NBD and I should just take it. I live alone. I'm not taking something that I know has the potential to cause an allergic reaction when I'm alone. She ruined any chance of me being comfortable taking this medication when she didn't bother to mention the possible reaction during my appointment, especially when there are so many bp medications out there that she could have chosen (including just upping the dose of my first med, which looks like is what will happen). It's not like it's take this new med or just deal with high bp forever. I liked this doctor, but this is almost enough to make me switch (I'm in an HMO, switching to a new primary is easy).

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