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WTF Future MIL?

So, we're discussing weddings and she brings out her wedding scrap book ("You NEED to start making one now!" Uh, no.). She says if she'd get married again, she'd do it small. Apparently, there were people at her wedding who she had no idea were.

So then, she asks our plans. I'd thought he'd already told her—small ceremony and dinner in a restaurant, 30 people tops.

She asks who, we go through the list.

Then she starts on GuyJinx with "I don't want to tell you what to do...but you should invite all your aunts and uncles."


And we explain that we're trying to keep it small, and she's like "But they love you!"

WTF? Really? People I haven't met? Meanwhile, my family—of which there are many—have met both of us, love us both, are in Boston and not NJ, are fun to hang out with, and won't be invited because GuyJinx has like 6 best friends all of whom have dates.

Ugh. Now I'm trying to convince him to elope...he's starting to think it's a good idea.

Especially given that I almost jumped across the table at his best friend yesterday. They were discussing seeing foxes. GuyJinx says, "we don't see many in Boston." I say, "Near my folks there are plenty." His idiot, racist friend: "What, in the hood?"


They live in a wealthy suburb of Boston now. But clearly, as minorities, it's the hood.

Oh, and his MOM loves the idiot friend. The lovely friend who's been great to me, nice, funny, and never racist: "He's a little controlling..."


Shoot me.

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