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I'm literally - in the correct usage of the word - sick to my stomach because my Dad just told me that on August 6, when he was out walking my dog, a woman stole his watch right off his arm. She came up to him and pretended to be admiring it and just unclipped it and ran off. I don't know if he deliberately didn't tell me this or simply forgot all about it - either is possible. I came across the officer's number as I was paying his bills just now and he had to spill the beans. Dad is going downhill so fast as far as memory.

How can someone rip the watch off an 87 year old little old man walking a decrepit 13 year old dog?? I should be grateful she didn't hurt him but be goddamned if I'm going to be grateful to someone for NOT attacking him, just taking one of his favorite things that he bought thirty years ago and has worn every day since then. I just can't even.


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