I had a long talk yesterday with someone in my lab about feminism. He disagrees with feminism, because we demand idiotic things, because biologic equality is achievable. Getting less money for taking time off to reproduce is just, in his eyes. At the same time, he is against gender discrimination, because women are as intelligent as men. He is against bullying, and that everybody should do whatever the hell they want. He wants in-your-face discrimination to be punished and rapists to be killed.

He dislikes quotas, because if you only have 10% female participants in one field in university, having to fulfill a 50% quota for female jobbers who work in said field is stupid. Of course it is stupid. I agree with you here.

The reason why he never wants a woman to be a soldier is because she will get raped. At this point, I told him that we are not talking about rape, because rape is a complete different subject, while he insisted it is not. He does not want women to join the army, because she will get raped. My both the team, and the enemy. and rape as torture. He also thinks that women should not go to the Universities where rape is prevalent. I tried to tell him that rape is everywhere, and that it is not only at uni or in the army, while he told me: “but there are places where there is more rape, so women should not be there”.

He then went on to say that while rape is not the womens fault, we have to expect it. Men prefer doing dangerous jobs because of testosterone, and violence. It is not normal for women to want to defend their country. He does not want to do that, so women do not, either. mentioning the awesome all female battalion of war heroes only made him laugh, because “nobody wants to fight women, so of course everybody else would be scared”.

The high point, where I lost my plot, was when he told me that Rape is human nature, and that there are no animals that rape. That rape is not our determination, but that it in our nature.

He also hates weakness, and that everybody needs to be psychologically strong, but that pussy is a swearword that means he is weak.

He also said that different races do not need to have the same job, because it is not in their family values and culture. Even though he agrees that dark skinned Brazilians have similar values as white skinned Brazilians by now. (He is Brazilian)

I think I give up on him. No more friends. I can’t.