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WTF is it about colleges and shittastic handling of sexual assault?

TW: Rape. Please don't mainpage!

So a story came out in the campus paper today about a girl who transferred away after the local police dropped her case and the school said it couldn't ensure her safety. She also said that after she transferred, the school was pressuring her to come back. One of her classes is planning a protest.

This is the norm for how sexual assault gets handled by colleges and universities. I've heard of lots of cases at my campus. I've only heard of one where the rapist actually got kicked out. A prof I know who sits a committee on sexual violence says the cases this year have been horrifying. Yet they aren't publicized. The school rarely does anything to resolve them except for covering it up. I've never heard of rapists actually facing criminal charges.


This whole thing has made me really furious this morning. Considering that students rotate through a school so quickly, how can we force the administration to actually be transparent about sexual assault? How can we make sure that the administration does as much as it can to help victims get justice? It seems like programs on consent and sexual violence do nothing to actually create change around here.

The whole thing is appalling.

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