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RARGH!!! Look i'm a pretty cool cat, and it takes a bit to get me all ragey, but ignorant posts about ADHD are guaranteed to do it in a hot second. Cuz I have ADHD!! So when an acquaintance who is on the looney side of the liberal spectrum posted this nonsense, I just wanted to raaaage!

Essentially this group claims that boys are being diagnosed with ADHD cuz MISANDRY!!! Yup, you read that right, we're medicating boys for being boys. Which is total BS. According to the most recent articles i've read on the topic,the real culprit is the push for standardized testing and linking those results to teacher pay. Oh and having people who are not experts on ADHD trying to diagnose kids after a short doctors visit.

I just posted a paragraph about why this group is full of bullshit. She's batshit crazy herself, so i'm not sure it'll sink in, but still!! (I think she may be an anti-vaxxer too, why do i still have her as a FB friend??)


What makes you ragey? Feel free to share your fave misandry, adhd or ragey gifs. I'm gonna need'em >:(

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