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Pretty insanely big image, huh? This is how close the camera was in on Bode Miller after his bronze medal winning run tonight. Christin Cooper, obviously of the "How did it feel as you watched your mother bleed to death in front of you" school of journalism, pressed relentlessly to get Miller to express how winning the medal compared to losing his beloved younger brother recently as the result of a seizure caused by an old life-threatening motorcycle injury.


This is why I hate NBC, I hate their "journalism" as they try to get people to hit their lowest lows on camera. If there were any other way to watch the Olympics, we would certainly be doing so in this household.

ETA yes Miller is an idiot jerkwad. I appreciate La Piquante's link because I was not aware of just how much of a jerkwad he was. The state of New York's judicial system gives me the serious heebie jeebies and it is something I plan to pursue. But that is not what this post was about. It's about fucking NBC and their interviewing techniques.

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