Some choice selections from the "Because you watched Dexter" category:

Family Guy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

That '70s Show (Does Netflix think Dexter was a comedy?)

My Name is Earl


30 Rock

How I Met Your Mother

Scrubs (Seriously, these are all comedic.)

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (this is Netflix's most shining moment, IMO)

Super Troopers (Has Netflix even seen Super Troopers?)

Bong Water (I didn't know that Dex was a pothead, but the last three selections seem to disagree.)

Dane Cook: Rough Around the Edges

Freaks and Geeks


Super High Me (Again with the pot. I think Netflix is trying to tell me something.)


And, to round it all off: CSI: Miami. (Because, Miami.)

I don't understand, Netflix. I don't understand.

(I found that meme while googling "WTF Dexter." It doesn't really fit, but how could I resist?)