Brian Lehrer is interviewing the woman who did the Rolling Stone piece on rape at UVA. He led with saying what's most shocking about this is that it was a brutal gang rape—that this is the kind of "thuggish," rape that would happen on the "street." So not the kind of rape that you think nice white guys do? I don't think he means to be race baiting, but he for damn sure knows better.

It's the kind of rape that happens when you have close knit groups of men who bond over misogyny.

I can't do any personal social media today and going into a bunch of meetings, but I hope some calls him out. Otherwise it's a good segment, except I wish people like Jed Rubenfeld would learn what "rape culture" means before they insist it doesn't exist.

ETA: OMYGOD, a Columbia University alum just called in to say that they should be talking about "the proven by research" problem of false accusations of rape. Specifically calls out Emily Sulkowiciz and clearly has been fed a line on her.