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Wtf @ OPP (Other People's PEE)

I have been at my current job for 6 months. There are only two toilets (our company is only around 30 people, so that is fine) — one for the menz, and one for da laydeez. Great.

SOMEONE KEEPS PEEING ALLLLLLLLLLL OVER THE LADIES' TOILET SEAT. I'm not talking dainty little droplets — it's INUNDATED in pee. Like it must take a concerted effort to pee on the seat this much.

I get it. Sometimes you don't get everything in the bowl. But I simply cannot fathom how you don't wipe up this big of a mess! It happens every single day!


I've been trying to pinpoint who it is and so far, I know who it isn't, but I haven't found the culprit. I am contemplating anonymously posting a note inside the bathroom that says to please clean up after yourself.

Tl;dr gross.

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