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WTF Recruiter???: Updated

An "excecutive recruiter" for my specific job function sent me a request this morning.

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I have a number of jobs to speak with you about. 555.555.555 (Recruiter)

I checked out her page and she seems kinda legit, although she hasn't had a recommendation since 2009, but whatever, I'm willing to talk to her. So I reply,

Hi (Recruiter),

Yes, I would love to speak with you about ______ positions. Today and tomorrow are booked for me, but Thursday is open and Friday I'm free after 12:30.

Kind regards,


(Signature with all contact info)

Then an hour later I get this back:

By the way, if you do decide to call (and I hope you do) my husband is a musician (husbandswebsite.com) and isn't around at night a lot.



WTF is this? Did emails get crossed? Did she not get my availability? Why does it matter what her husband does and that he's not home at night.


Frankly, GTers, I'm creeped out. This is creepy. Are there any recruiters who can weigh in on this? Because it seems at best, really unprofessional.

ETA: I've connected with several recruiters through LinkedIn, and mostly they're fine. This one though...

ETA UPDATE: A friend of mine pointed out there's a good chance she sent this to me by mistake and is probably dying a thousand deaths of embarrassment. I think this is hilarious and can't stop giggling. Of all the places to get some, Linked In is not really the right place to go.

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