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Considering my recent posts, this is NOT serious!!

I go to a little coffee stand, every day, for my daily mocha. Every so often, they run a raffle competition and give away $$ once a week.

Last week the Bastard went to get coffee, stopped at my stand and bought his and prepaid one for me. “Being nice”, he says. “Feeling guilty”*, I say. Anyway, he bought two coffees.


You can see where this is going, right? One of HIS tickets won! I had all the raffle tickets when I went by yesterday. We won $200. I split it and gave him $100. It’s MY coffee stand, he only went there because it’s MY favorite stand.

But he says (and he’s right... ARGH), that it was one of the tickets he got last week that won.

Do I give him all the money? TELL ME WHAT TO DO, OH GROUPTHINK!

*minor update: he’s cut all contact. the gift went to Goodwill. He isn’t going by that coffee stand for a few weeks. we’re working thru things. he’s trying, I’m trying.

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