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WWGTD? Advice, please?

Feel free to add your own question too but here’s a thing for your consideration:

Backstory is I live in a one bedroom suite below my good friends’s parents with my 8 year old daughter (side note: my phone just corrected that to my 8 troll daughters Hahahaha) and am:

1. Broke as fuck

2. Supposed to be on disability because of a yet-fully diagnosed disc herniation issue and possibly neurological condition but am working because see number one


3. In a neverending divorce/custody thing and definitely don’t know when it will be over or if I’ll be able to move from the expensive city I live in which has an extremely low number of rentals and I have pets which precludes me from subsidized housing here

4. In a serious relationship with an American (I’m Canadian) and we want to be living together like yesterday but him being allowed to live/work here is taking forever/pending so I would like to not move from where I’ve lived since May, where the landlords love my kid and are fine with how loud she is, there’s a big yard etc...EXCEPT WAIT FOR IT...

They’re European. Recently the dad has started giving me lip pecks as greeting but I’m meek and he’s so nice so I’m like okay fine, oh those Europeans are so much less repressed that we are...a

Tonight I have a knocking at the door and the doorknob is jangling a little as I go answer and it’s him with homemade wine, uncorked (it’s like supper time and my kid is right there) and he and whispers that it’s for me, enjoy. He goes to leave and SLIPS ME THE TONGUE. He’d obviously been drinking, I diverted to hug because shock and I’m insane...he goes for it again. Then hugs me as I pull away like NO THANK U PLS and is like “I love you” and peaces out. Now, my daughter is rightthere and has an anxiety disorder, so I was trying to be like it’s all good, everything fine...


GT, the fuck do I do?! Also: MEN!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!? This is why I have trust issues

Feel free to ask for own WWGTD question below...


Tldr: I’m this cat. Can’t afford to move, upstairs neighbour/landlord who is my dads age slipped me the tongue under the guise of a friendly goodnight.

ETA: guys look at my cat she’s so pretty

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