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WWII, Japan, Unbreakable

When it comes to that war and my thoughts my mind feels scattered. Yet if my mind feels scattered and I am in my late 40s how must those a generation or two later feel. From my late grandmothers generation her brother and brother. In law both fought in the Pacific they both returned one sadly the bil died pre.age 40.from.bad ulcers and ptsd the latter no one understood.

There was a line circa1990 that went and I am paraphrasing but its very close. Japan lost the battle but Nintendo won the war. It dealt with the winning of the hearts and minds of the West especially America. I always disliked movies about the war though I liked the movie about finding the art work to get it away from the Nazis. It came out last year.

I have no problem watching scenes where Nazis or German soldiers getting killed. Yet I feel sad when I watch a movie about the war against Japan. I do want to recommend Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence a supurb Japanese POW camp movie. David Bowie showed if he was commited to acting like he was to music he would have become one of the great actors.


Now back to my thoughts. Japan has enriched my life and I would say most people here. TVs well we always had Sonys since the 1980s. Vidoegames for me since the NES. Manga ok not a fan its good though, anime for me DBZ and as a kid Speed Racer. Godzilla movies I loved them since around first grade and saw the first one on TV. My love for Godzilla cemented around grade 2 with the Smog Monster movie which my mother took me to see. For me its beyond enrichment but pleasure and happiness.

Now I am one generation removed from the children who saw their dads and uncles going off to the war. My mother says she still recalls.the blackouts in New England at night for fear of German bombers alomg with the rationing. She was very young but still from 1st/2nd grade she recalls it. Now folks many have less and less personal connections to the war.

Now Unbreakable is coming out and it looks brutal. This is where I feel confused. We should never, ever forget what Germany did during WWII nor should we ever forgive that generation at the very least those who belonged in the Nazi party and those who looked away and did nothing. There was a book and an Atlantic article which said far more Germans citizens knew about what was going on then they admitted to after. The remise was soldiers talked and it was hard to be ignorant.

Now we have Japan, yes there was horrific war crimes. POW treatment was a crime against humanity. Yet a part says did they redeem themselves? We punished the guilty we destroyed two cities with nuclear bombs. Do we need to make movies about this war. History books in text books. Yes. Part of me thinks that we should not forget nor forgive the actions of many from that generation. But a movie is entertainment even a biopic is this kind of ripping a bandaid off. Clint Eastwood did two movies on that war recently each showing a side. I am not even sure if the young generation can easily relate to movies like this, movies about Nazi Germany yes.


These are my confused thoughts. Anyone have clarity. Some who are younger how do you balance which is kind of two very distinct Japans that of the war and the nation that gave me and especially your generation so much.

I know when I have long thoughts that go on forever I come out with something idiotic. I hope its not true now. Thoughts? Clarity?

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