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I desperately want to cancel Christmas.

Mr. Farce and I, as usual, are not doing great financially. We are both is good jobs but don't make much money. With unexpected vet bills, the need for new tires, etc etc etc, I seriously don't see how we can participate in any gift exchanges this year.


We do Secret Santa gifts within our respective families, but we have three baby family members now, too. My folks, who are already far more generous than need be, told us not to get them anything. His folks, who would step over their own children to be first in the breadline, equate material possessions with love.

You can probably see where I'm going with this...

We've historically been the broke couple, and Mr. Farce desperately wanted to have "a normal Christmas" this year. I can't fathom how we could possibly do so, even if I made all the gifts from shit we have around the house or some such.

We're not religious. If anything, I skew pagan/pantheistic most of the time, though our families are both Catholic. (My mother, mostly, his folks only nominally, so it's bugs the ever living fuck out of me when they whine about the need for religiosity.)

The most uncomfortable part is, as Mr. Farce points out, even if we beg for no gift exchange and get confirmation that everyone will adhere to it, they always buy us shit and we have purchased nothing. Everyone. On all sides of the family. (Those assholes! ...?) It has happened many times before, and I suspect this year would be no different. It makes for extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable holidays.


Has anyone every cancelled their holiday celebration? If so, how? I know the Mister is embarrassed by being continually broke, but he's the one who essentially put us in this position financially this year (I'm too lazy to link to my post from August, but prior to that, I thought we were on track to financial security).

Any other suggestions on mitigating the financial - and emotional - strain? Should I just throw in the towel and rack up credit card debt that I know I can pay off? (I have great credit, even if the mister doesn't, an can take a slight hit.)


I seriously don't know what to do and am at my wits end. And it's only December 2.

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