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Xanax Q

What is it supposed to do? I mean really, i know that it is supposed to help anxiety/ panic attacks. And it has been helping a lot with anxiety....but....

I had a really bad panic attack late last night/ early morning and the xanax..well.... kinda made it worse. Instead of my normal throat closing/ can't breathe panic attack, i had this weird thing in my chest with sharp pain & burning, and also some definite acid reflux. But the burning wouldn't go away for what felt like forever. I guess if i had to choose between throat closing or burning chest i would choose burning chest but it still really sucked and lasted so long.


Are there other anti-anxiety meds? How come doctors are so quick to put people on xanax. I don't think it's helping me much at all. It doesn't even make me feel relaxed. Honestly i might as well just drink some red wine instead. Maybe this stuff just doesn't work for me? Does it really help you guys?

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