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XBox Live Support Shrugs Off Rape Threat Reports

The Mary Sue had a frustrating article up today about the almost trollish behavior of the XBox Live Support Twitter in regards to a woman reporting rape threats in Call of Duty. It seems as if Xbox Live's response to rape threats is a big old "eh. *shrug*".

Jenny Haniver was playing Black Ops 2 when she began to receive some truly sickening threats from some male players. One in particular was extremely horrific. Haniver reported the player but found them still listed on the Call of Duty ELITE website and still active in game.


Xbox hadn't done a damned thing about the user, even though they were spewing some exceptionally awful shit including heinous rape threats. This user had decided women shouldn't play video games and harassed Haniver repeatedly.

One of the writers at the Mary Sue, Jill Pantozzi, decided to ask the XBox Live Support Twitter for any info on why the user hadn't been banned. What follows is an almost Kafkaesque exchange that leaves Pantozzi wondering if the Support Twitter is trolling her.

Basically "because fuck you, that's why".

XBox Live Support told Haniver they couldn't give her a time frame in which this user would be dealt with. They refused to give her additional information or any other avenues in which to further report this harassment.


So, ladies, if you're playing a game on Xbox Live and a user threatens to rape you? Don't bother contacting XBox Live Support because they could not give less of a shit about it.

Update: Our very own Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide reached out to the XBox Support Twitter feed and this was their response:


Leave a link in comments if you're getting responses from the XBox Support Twitter feeds! They claim to respond to every tweet they get. Show them this stuff isn't a joke and can't be shoved under the rug.

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