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xkcd Garden

For April Fool’s Day, xkcd put an awesome comic in which you get to grow your own garden. I shared this in a OT this week, but I’ve become even more obsessed since then.

The whole thing is pretty cool, you get 3 lights and you can adjust their color, placement, and beam width. And, depending on what you do, you get a different garden. Your garden is given a unique url and I assume cookies are involved so you can keep returning to your garden. Plus, you can share your garden with other people, they can’t make changes, but they can see it. It’s a lot of fun, but you have to be patient. Mine are nearly a week old.

I currently have 3 gardens.

Garden 1 was my first garden. I was mostly trying to see what the lights did. But, I’m a little concerned, because what I thought was a tortoise parade clearly became a tortoise rally when that little guy up there on the cactus appeared. The snake is clearly on their side.


Garden 2 is less entertaining to me (no tortoise uprisings), but it is soothing to watch the balloons sway in the breeze, and there are cats everywhere!

Garden 3 was just started yesterday, I wanted to see what just a spotlight would do.

I would have more, but if there are too many gardens open, it really slows down my computer.

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