So I have some younger relatives I would like to buy Christmas gifts for. Three girls, ages 10-14. We like to encourage reading, so books would be great. I bought two gifts, but now I am doing shopping for my Mom, so need more ideas. What I already bought is in bold.

10 year old likes crafts (on the day after Tgiving, we made cake pops from directions she got on internet); lipstick and makeup. Book on Duct Tape crafts

Turning Thirteen is a One Direction fan. She on swim team and has an interest in forensics (?). One Direction Dare to Dream YUCK

The 14 year old I don't know a thing about really. She is new (about a year) to the family from a VERY dysfunctional home. She's got anger issues and this is the first semester she hasn't been kicked out of school for fighting.