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XO Jane post made me cry

So this lady's story hit way too close to home and now I'm at work crying.

I was with the Ex from 18-27, we went to college together, worked together for 4.5 years during college. Two months after I broke up with him, on a whim I joined OKC and met the Geekboy on my 2nd online date ever.

My best friend since I was a kid lives thousands of miles away, my other two nearest friends are both 1.5-2hours away with insane schedules. Though we are making progress in keeping in touch.


The people the Geekboy and I regularly see are really his friends. My two local friends are guys and also have majorly crazy work/life schedules. Like for reals (one's a student and in a LDR and the other is 1st year doctor). Is there an OKC for one on one lady friend dating because I need it. Meetup is overwhelming for me (the one group I went to a couple times I kept getting hit on).

Yeah basically the only local person I could call in crisis would be my parents or the Geekboy's parents and sister and even then I don't know if I'd get support without drama.

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