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XOJane, love and hate you

I appreciate that XOJane provides a platform for women being their "...unabashed selves, and where their unabashed selves are applauded — regardless of age, size, ability, location, occupation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, relationship status, sexual preferences or lifestyle choices." But sometimes it's cringe worthy and I'm stuck with the WTF face.

For a flippant example, in my RSS feed today the first thing that just popped up (of course after catching up with GT) was "I'm almost 24 and I can't stop buying cute things with animal faces on them." Well guess what lady, I just bought a set of motherfuckin' lemur pajamas and I'm 30.

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I confess that part of my WTF-ness is mostly about my personal cynicism, and that maybe I don't appreciate younger people discovering things, or that I may not understand so thoroughly (or have as much sympathy as I could for) the underlying issue of women coming to terms with their age and addressing the cultural concept of "age appropriateness." (I bough lemur pajamas; this is obviously not something that I struggle with.)


I do not want to be a bitter feminist. I don't want to be bitter at all. But my reaction often to XOJane is, "For the love of Pete! Own that shit and move on. It's not a big deal." I understand that this is a troubling response and that not everyone is maybe as decisive and and accepting of themselves as I am. Still though, WTF...

Any particulars about XOJane that get under your skin?

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