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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ya learn something new every day

One of the joys and pitfalls of being an English speaking Canadian is the amount of French that seeps into one’s subconscious without realization.

I can tell a person I only speak a bit of French in such a pitch-pure accent that they aren’t certain whether or not I’m serious. I can follow basic instructions in French. I can choose groceries when the French label is faced forward. And SacréBleu, I can curse like a Québécois!


But sometimes, I hear something I thought was French that was actually English.

Today I actually listened to the lyrics of the Beatles “Come Together”. In a fabulous Mondegreen, I’ve always heard that as “Come together. Right now. Aujourd’hui.” Which made sense because it means today.


The proper lyric, “Come together. Right now. Over me.” makes far less sense to me.

So, share your misheard lyrics, your multilingual puns, and other translation faux pas here.

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