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YA Pride month

I mentioned that this blog is celebrating YA pride month, a month centered around celebrating depictions of LGBT characters in fiction.

I thought it'd be fun to list everyone's favorite LGBT characters and their associated books.


I hate what Mortal Instruments has turned into...but I love Alec Lightwood.


I also like Magnus from that series and the Infernal Devices (which I actually thought was a much better series, despite being a spinoff)

Tik Tok from Tiger Lily is oft ignored, but a really great character. Also, a great portrayal of an adoptive parent and child bond.


Will Grayson, Will Grayson is an overall amazing book, and everyone should read it because as the product of both David Levithan and John Green's unique styles it is just exceptional and a one of a kind read.


List them out guys! What are some other fantastic reads?

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