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Welcome To The Bitchery


A Companion series to why, in which I stan/fancast various people.

Bad Bitch Nikki Beharie Y’all

Illustration for article titled YAAAAAAAASSSSS: Nicole Beharie

This Girl. She’s So great. Julliard trained and educated and super cute, just watch an interview of her on youtube.

But like I said we don’t like nice things.

It’s my dream to do a fantastical highly stylized all black version of Henry the VIII. 


Conceptually it would look a bit like this,

I don’t know if I would be strictly Nigerian, but it would def be west african.

Idris Elba would be my Henry the VII

Viola Davis: would be m Catherine of Aragon

Nicole Beharie: would be my Anne Boleyn

She not in anything new right now but check out American Violet and the first seasons of Sleepy Hollow.

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