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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My husband and his two friends (a couple who already owns a bakery) are opening a bar. It’s been a long time coming with a few real estate-related failures, and it’s like, gonna happen now. Like, next week. Like, liquor license is in hand, inspections are passed, employees hired and training. I’m super excited. Super excited.

My hubs has been a shmancy fancypants bartender snob for years, and now he finally gets his name on the marquee and full creative control. He’s running the whole bar program, while the other two are doing food.


He is real stressed out right now so I am being privately very excited and releasing the energy to you all. I hope this is one step closer to us being a couple of luxury.

They are all being super weirdos about not publicizing the opening (they want to open quietly so that they can get their feet wet), so I’m not going to blast them on here since they haven’t even announced it themselves...so sorry. But once they are open I will be telling everyone who comes to New Orleans to stop in.



ETA: How can a 10lb dog snore so loud?!

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