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Well, all of you are a bad influence, but specifically La Comtesse is a bad influence today. For two reasons: 1) I had a gift card to Kohl's, and for once none of the clothes were appealing to me at all (too much sleeveless stuff, yuck) so I bought jewelry. Specifically, I bought jewelry that I felt would fit with GoT houses. I got the Lannister earrings (gold coins), the Martell necklace and earring set (desert sand at night colors, seemingly dull, but with a subtle dangerous glitter), the Tyrell necklace and earrings (small pearls and gold, sweet and feminine-looking. Looking being the operative word), and the Stark earrings (which look like that piece of jewelry you find in the box of stuff that belonged to your great-grandmother, and while sort-of old-fashioned, is still totally awesome). I could not find any Greyjoy jewelry. But I felt that it wouldn't truly be Greyjoy jewelry unless I stabbed the clerk and ran out of the store screaming about paying the iron price.

2) Today, I am dressed as a Lannister. You can't see my new earrings very well, but they're old gold and look like coins. Because Lannisters are so rich they use money as jewelry.


Lannisters don't go barefoot, but I do.

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