OK, GT has been a little quiet and some commenter got me hooked on /r/relationships. People be seriously crazy, particularly when emotions, sex and family are involved. But this thread is EPIC--up there with UHG. It's got everything: narcissism, deceit, delusion and class conflict. To quote one commenter with an admittedly weird sense of fun: This is like eating a hot fudge sundae while watching an eight car pile-up.

The original post is by a Jealous GF (henceforth known as Jealous Janice) who has no job and a boyfriend of 12 years named Chris. Jealous Janice wants Chris to boycott his friend, Katie's, wedding. On the FLIMSIEST of evidence Jealous Janice thinks Katie (who, again, is getting married) is in love with Chris. She is so focused on Katie that all of the comments about the problems in her own relationship went right over her head: Everyone is commenting on my relationship with Chris, but that is not the issue here. I just want to know how I can get Chris to avoid going to their wedding.

Even knowing that Katie reddits, Jealous Janice gives enough details that Katie chimes in with her side of the story. Katie's response starts by disputing the facts of the OP (how often she reached out to Jealous Janice, etc.) and then says that she has in the past been jealous of Jealous Janice:

Don't be jealous of what you think I may have. My life is not as perfect as you think! I had almost no social life in high school or college so that I can have a good job and not depend on government aid. My parents were immigrants just like your parents and we also had to struggle a bit growing up. I thought I was going to be forever alone – you even mentioned that I would be 23rd wheel at some events. Do you know how horrible that was for my self-esteem? 11 couples + "Katie" But I still enjoyed my time with all of you. I am so lucky to have found the man I love. We work hard so that we can build a stable future together. Our relationship is not perfect, but no relationship is! We moved to city centre to be close to work so that we can work on our graduate degrees instead of spending time to commute. While you are out with our group of friends almost every weekend at the pubs, my fiancé and I are studying. I don't know if you want to switch lives with me. We also live very frugally, I use coupons as much as I can and don't have a lot of the new tech toys, heck, my fiancé does not even own a phone! But we're happy and would like to share that joy with our friends and family at our wedding, should you choose to come or not.


In the comments, it comes out that Jealous Janice has been misleading her boyfriend about using birth control for years and in the update [ETA Inspector Spacetime let us know that Jealous Janice deleted her update, which said that they hadn't gotten an invite yet, but probably would go to the wedding because its an opportunity for free food/liquor & they probably wouldn't see Katie that much there anyway. She's getting new BC, but won't tell Chris about the ten years of sperm roulette because he might get mad (ya think?)]. In the comments, Katie decides she will take action, [ETA: namely, Jealous Janice has until Sunday to tell Chris or Katie will tell him herself] Shit will go down this weekend. In the comments Katie also says Jealous Janice has been out of town all week and so couldn't have already seen a MD about new birth control.

So, if you are decompressing after a long day and looking at these threads, do you think these threads are real? If you were Katie and found out one of your friend's SO was lying about taking birth control, what would you do?


Oh, and the wedding Jealous Janice is so worked up about is a year from now.

ETA: I tried to clarify a bit. The giant block quote is from Katie who is trying to show Jealous Janice another way of looking at things.