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It’s like I don’t have anywhere to go where there isn’t SOME article about how shit this whole election cycle is. If it’s not an article about Trump, it’s an article bashing HRC, or an article bashing Bernie, or something some shit-ass in Congress is doing. To top it all off, articles on how terrible everything is going to be keep popping up, as if to remind me that I should feel terrible if I just tap out for a while, because DOOM.

I can deal with the normal level of awfulness in the world without getting outrage fatigue, but add all of the above into the mix, and I’m just about done. I can’t open Twitter, or Facebook, or GT, or pretty much any forum without getting hit with it. EVEN MY FUCKING KNITTING FORUM IS GOING DOWN THIS PATH. The mods are doing their best to edit such stuff out of existence, but there’s still these subtle barbs that get missed.


Can’t I have ONE place where I can interact with human beings without having to deal with this shitty election?

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