Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Lived here since February. Already spent close to 4k on the sump pump and epoxy crack injections for the foundation cracks.

Apparently I just am not meant to have a dry basement.

Or a fucking month without paying for some new bullshit problem.

My fucking lateral sewer line is clogged. I had that motherfucker scoped as part of the home inspection in December. It wasn’t blocked then. I don’t use tampons or pads (thanks, Mirena!) and I don’t dump food waste or oil down the sink. I’ve run the dishwasher 4 times since February and things got rinsed first. Nothing got flushed by some unsupervised kid or anything like that. So, poop and toilet paper. I mean I eat a lot of fiber but that shouldn’t be the cause.


Assuming fuckface von clownstick who lied about the water problems didn’t dump any weird shit down there between the home inspection and my getting the keys 3 weeks later.

House smells like a fucking sewer. The basement pipe is basically backed up to the floor drain. I can’t flush the toilet or let any water go down the pipes until the fucking roto-rooter techs get here tomorrow afternoon and can augur it.


AND of course I accidentally got a food allergy hit at work so all I want to do is live in the bathroom.

I’m so fucking over it. I am afraid to turn on the air conditioner the way things are going.

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