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Y'all Y'all Y'all-listen to this shit

I took down the post from the other night, but thank you all for all the advice. Seriously, you are the best. Thank you for listening to my problems.

So an update- the topic tonight was what he wanted from me in our relationship. And what was that? That I should find more confidence and self esteem. So I'm less needy for emotional support from him, I guess? My face was like . _____ .


He is supposed to be talking about his feelings and needs, and they are I'm too needy? From my husband? He even tried to say that wasn't what he was saying when I called him on it. Please. I just ... What? No, dumbass. My self esteem problems are not the main problem. If the way I make you feel when we're alone together makes you act like an ass, then I think I want to spend less time with you. Higher self esteem will make me leave sooner. Wtf? I finally said "I don't think our relationship will survive without counseling". We are worried about two totally different things. Wtf. I think I'm just going to start cleaning the bonus room up and just start sleeping in there. I pointed out, plainly, the differences we have and that we think each other is the problem. We need a mediator at least. I feel like this is going to be the campaign to convince him separating would be a good idea. He just... Wow. Thinks he is acknowledging his problems, then talking about how my problems make him feel bad and anxious and kill his boner, is "working on" our relationship. Ugh. I'm in my phone in the bath, so I'm tired of typing and can't be bothered with gifs, so can someone find me some eye roll gifs please?


Edited for typos. I will be playing solitaire for a minute. I'll fill you in on what else was said. Gonna relax in the bath, man.

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