unless you have something real to say about Mandela, STFU. Did you meet the man? Do your Ph.D. thesis on him? Have a BFF moment on Ichat all night long? Great, share that.

Tell us how he personally touched your life and you now work to reduce AIDS in South Africa.

But the endless "What a great man, Mandela!" Come on.

(Edited to add: Most of the these comments are coming from people who regularly post racist comments about Obama or other comments showing that they would not know Mandela if he sat next to them at the bar.)

That's just saying something because you want to hear yourself speak. You also probably posted how you sad you were for the typhoon/hurricane/tsunami victims and that your heart goes out to the Newtown families whom you've never met.

Just stop it. Wait until what you have to say might MATTER. Then speak.