The large beast is a Dactylobatus clarkii or Hookskate.

Dactylobatus clarkii, Clark's fingerskate or the hookskate, is a medium-sized but poorly known, deepwater skate/ The distribution of the hookskate is considered patchy and covers the western central and southwest Atlantic. Usually on muddy bottoms of the continental slope at depths of 315โ€“915 metres (1,030โ€“3,000 ft)


The guy threw it back, btw. I mean, he's not a monster and I think the animal is endangered. But enjoy. Maybe next time you go to the ocean, you can meet a massive underwater sea creature that is a terrifying living fossil.

Edited to add:

The wikipedia article you link to says it isn't a hookskate but actually a roughtail stingray.


D'oh. Thanks for pointing that out, KorbenDallasBathroomPass