So one of the items in this year’s gishwhes was “Yarnbomb something that wasn’t meant to be yarnbombed.” A few groups yarnbombed tombstones. This makes me uneasy, as it feels disrespectful.

A conversation about this has erupted on a gishwhes Facebook group with the Tombstone yarnbombers defending themselves by arguing things like, they chose graves of people long dead, and it makes the graveyards cheery. Some groups yarnbombed, took their pictures, and cleaned up again, others left their yarn behind.

The teams who cleaned up seem less wrong to my mind than the people who left their knitting behind, but to my mind the reason a stranger’s tombstone is “not meant to be yarnbombed” is because such an act is verging on the sacrilegious/disrespectful.

And for groups who left their stuff behind, it’s not fair to the caretaker who will have to clean it up.