I have a number of lovely crocheted afghans in and around my house. I made them with my own two hands so I love them. But of course, we also like to use them.

Since I know they're going to be used and loved and slobbered on by dogs, I generally use acrylics to make the throws for around the house. And eventually, they start to smell. Like... reek.

Between dogs and farts and the cat making biscuits and various food items and whatnot, these blankies that I love so much a tad smelly. But they're acrylic, which... I have yet to find anything that will get the stench out of acrylic yarn.

But GT'ers, living in squalor as we do, might have some ideas! I've tried lots of things, from various detergents, to vinegar to baking soda, to cedar blocks. But there might be someone, somewhere, who knows magic. IS IT YOU?