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I couldn't find any of this in English yet so you get a link in French.

and link to the Chamber of Deputies' page.

From the other side of Europe, Estonian parliament was supposed to start the first reading of the 'cohabitation bill' which would, among other things, grant same-sex couples civil union-type rights. but the conservative rightwings are stalling on previous points of the agenda and it's now a half hour until midnight and they are still going at it.


ETA: REPORTING LIVE FROM THE SCENE! my friend is sitting in the canteen of Estonian parliament observing MPs drinking beer and following the world cup. Democratic process, folks!

ETA part deux: cohabitation bill passed first reading, troops went home around 6 am. breakfast party! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ON ITS WAY OF FINALLY HAPPENING IN MY LIFETIME IN MY COUNTRY!1!

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