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I seriously can't. I know not everyone is the biggest fan of her music but wow. Hey, lets shit all over one of the most successful artists and biggest celebrities in the world right now for saying that she is a feminist! She didn't say it soon enough! She has made some unfeminist mistakes*! She is only saying that she is a feminist because it's fashionable (what?) and to expand her market (double what?)! She named her tour the super unfeminist Mrs. Carter Tour! Umm, she is like half naked...


Waiting for the inevitable Aunt Tom skin lightening and blond hair comments. Full disclosure: I LOVE when people say that she hates being Black and blond hair isn't natural for Black folks. It runs in my fucking family, assholes!

*I think critiques (about the Anna Mae line and Terry Richardson, in particular) are valid but mistakes and gaffs don't completely absolve someone of being a feminist.

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