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Yay for bosses that don't completely suck

My boss gave me the warm and fuzzies today. I work in a tax department and he's always kind of struck me as a "good ole boy" type of guy. Not that he's ever personally made me feel like I wasn't as respected because I have a vagina, it's the vibe I get. But today he stopped by my cube because he wanted to let me know that he was really happy for Mr. Haa and me and that he thinks we'll be great parents. He also told me to let my direct supervisor know if I need time off for doctor's appointments or if my workload is getting to be too much. It was very sweet and unexpected. I've always known my employer overall was very family friendly but I wasn't sure how my department would feel since everyone is already working overtime all the time. It's kind of sad how relieving this is but I've heard so many horror stories about the way pregnant women get treated at their jobs.


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