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I've been losing my wedding band. I've lost 30 pounds and if my hands are even a little damp my ring go flying. This is not a problem I anticipated having and it has upped my anxiety level. I love my ring and I feel off if I don't have it on. I lost this one once for 4 weeks during a the period where I was fired from my library job and started working at the hospital. I have shelves in my bathroom with 4 cubbies up the side. On one of those shelves I have a ring holder. I went to put the ring on the ring holder and missed. I heard it hit the shelf behind and just left it to get in the morning. In the morning it was not there. I pulled everything out and it was just gone. I tore the bathroom and then the house apart looking for it. I was so confused. When I finally found it, it was under a walmart bag that had shampoo that I bought the week before (that had disappeared from the kitchen table within hours of bringing it in the house), under a laundry basket that I had only put in front of the washing machine that afternoon. My husband had been asleep all day and my children aren't jokester enough to mess with me that much. I blamed fairies and left milk and whiskey out for a week on top of the fridge and asked them to please quit fucking with me. Not the most logical approach, but nothing else has disappeared like that in five years.

When we got married in 1999 we went to the Renn Faire and bought $20 sterling silver knotwork rings. They lasted for quite a while, but I broke a section out in 2006. The next Renn Fair ring I bought didn't match my husband's, but it was available and in budget. I lost that one. It did turn back up, but only after I found a tungsten carbide band that had a very intricate, tight knot work pattern lasered on it that was only $48 on ebay in 2008. After wearing this one for so long, it is apparent to me that I beat the crap out of my hands. Now I wouldn't consider wearing a ring if it wasn't steel, titanium, or tungsten carbide. I've searched for it before. We weren't able to afford to replace my husband's ring when we replaced mine and I have thought before about finding him a matching one, but there is nothing online with my ring's pattern, nothing that even comes close.


Last night I went through my ebay and paypal history until I found the seller. I couldn't remember the year I bought it or if I had even been using paypal (yeah short term memory issues). That ebay user name isn't being used any more, but paypal had a business name and phone number that gave me a successful google search. Their website says they buy and sell coins and jewelry. They look like an upscale pawn shop. There is nothing about producing anything. There is no email listed on their website, but I messaged them on facebook. I wasn't holding out much hope but then I got a response this evening, "What size do you need?"

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